Security Is Small Business IT Priority #2

Security is the number two priority for small business IT.

Why is security the second most important thing for small business IT?

Because without proper security, your network and your data are at risk.

And the scariest thing about not having good security is that you might not even know that your network and data have been compromised. Hackers could already be inside your network, roaming through your data, using your property to hide out and launch attacks at other networks.

Doesn’t seem possible? Well, Madison Square Garden was hacked and credit card data was being captured and sent to thieves for almost a year before it was detected.

What if you found out that someone you didn’t know had broken into your house a year ago and was using your house, laying in your bed, wearing your clothes, eating your food, and going through your mail without you knowing it?

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Security Breach For 1 Year At Madison Square Garden

Hackers compromised five different locations of the Madison Square Garden Company: Madison Square Garden itself, The Theater at MSG, Radio City Music Hall, and Beacon Theater all in New York plus the Chicago Theater in Illinois.

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