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You need a way to monitor the success or failure of your backup system. It’s not enough to have backups that run every day. You need to have SUCCESSFUL backups. Backups that are failing do no good!

So it’s important to keep tabs on your backup system and ensure that the backup jobs are working.

If you check it every day, then you’ll catch problems right away and be able to fix them quickly.

If you aren’t checking on the backups every day, they could be failing and you wouldn’t know. I’ve seen it happen many times that a business owner or their IT person thinks the backups are working fine only to find out they’ve been failing for months. Unfortunately, most of the time this happens they don’t find out until it’s too late and they desperately need to restore from backup but can’t!

You don’t want this to happen to you!

So download the backup log from the resources page and start using it today.

How to use the backup log

It’s easy to use.

Start a new sheet for each month. Begin by filling in the month and year at the top of the page.

Then for each day:

  • Write the date in the Date column
  • Check the backup status and/or backup logs
    • If the backup was successful, put a check mark in the Success column
    • If the backup completed but had some errors, put a check mark in the Errors column
    • If the backup failed put a check mark in the Failed column
    • If you checked the Errors or Failed column, fill in details in the Comments column
  • Put your initials in the Initials column
  • At the end of the month, take the sheet and store it in a 3-ring binder for records

– Weston Henry


The backup log and more can be downloaded from the resources page.


Do you have a backup log that you’re already using?

How can I make the backup log better?

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