Backup Log

You need a way to monitor the success or failure of your backup system. It’s not enough to have backups that run every day. You need to have SUCCESSFUL backups. Backups that are failing do no good!

So it’s important to keep tabs on your backup system and ensure that the backup jobs are working.

If you check it every day, then you’ll catch problems right away and be able to fix them quickly.

If you aren’t checking on the backups every day, they could be failing Continue reading “Backup Log”

Data loss prevention questionnaire

Here is a data loss prevention questionnaire that I created to help you identify your most critical data and clearly document the parameters of your backup plan so that you can compare them to your business requirements.

Using the questionnaire will enable you to confirm that your backup solution is complete, meets your business’ requirements, and clearly communicate between IT and management the parameters of your backup.

The questionnaire will also help you identify gaps in your backup solution so that you can address them. Continue reading “Data loss prevention questionnaire”